P993Q Vision/Mission Statement

P993Q uses the core values below throughout our school community.

P993Q's Vision Statement 

   We Foster Independence  

At P993Q we create a learning environment that provides students with the greatest level of independence. P993Q does this by tailoring our learning for all our students. The team at P993Q works to provide all students real world goals they can strive towards.

We ensure dignityAt P993Q we ensure dignity for all members of our community. We work as a school to provide the most accessible learning environment possible. We work as a school to connect students and families to the resources they need to improve their day to day lives.

 We validate opinions and emotions. 

At P993Q we work to validate all the opinions and emotions in our school. We do this by having respect for all at the center of our school. We work to recognize diversity in all areas of our school. P993Q works daily to provide education to our students in the most fair and equitable way possible.

 We support integration 

The students at P993Q have the right to experience the greatest level of interaction with their community. P993Q pushes their students toward the least restrictive environment possible. P993Q pushes students in their areas of need to ensure that they are interacting with their environment as independently as possible.